Maintenance impacting Data Center / Servers

FROM: VCOE Technology Services Department:

Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder of the scheduled monthly VCOE TS Maintenance Weekend. The maintenance will start Friday, May 10, 8:00 PM thru Sunday May 12, 2:00 PM, estimated.  For a schedule of upcoming Maintenance weekends, please see our website @ https://www.vcoe.org/Technology-Services

TS Team will perform the following:

• Selected MS Windows servers patching; this should have minimal or no impact to District

• Palo Alto Firewall updates

• Upgrade of edge routers

• Pulse-Secure VPN updates

• Network Load Balancer & Web Application Firewall updates.

• OS/SQL Patches on SQL Server instances. Many reboots and short interruptions. (ESCAPE, Hosted Public Webs will be impacted)

Systems affected include:

• Escape (until Sunday 2pm), Q-SIS, ConnectWise, Local Sharepoint, TIMS, VDI environment, Hosted Public webs, internet connectivity, local VOIP phones, email.

• Specific outage times will be momentary, to possibly an hour (server reboots, failovers, cable replacements).

The maintenance period is crucial to updating systems, applications, and infrastructure that would disrupt county wide services provided by VCOE. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

There will be NO MAINTENANCE WEEKEND in June.

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